Fall Picnics

Photo Credit: Daniel Faro

Picnics are one of my favorite activities. I think it’s because it involves two of my favorites…food and the outdoors. When my boyfriend asks what I want to do on any given free day, I suggest a picnic! He doesn’t complain, because who doesn’t love eating food. But just because fall is here, doesn’t mean we have to stop picnicking. In fact, it’s even more of a reason to go!

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Weekend Links 9/24/16


What are you up to this weekend? I survived the week long orientation for college freshman and now I have a one more day until classes start for fall quarter. Today was a laid back and relaxing day, while tomorrow I prepare for the week with loads of errands. I hope you had a great weekend, and here are a few links for your weekend…

If I wasn’t on a college student’s budget and I had lots of time, I would totally make this.

A really great post with career tips for women.

A fall baking recipe that I really wish I had the resources to make!

A little beautiful juice and smoothie book that just came out.

Who does love Melissa Clark or zucchini bread?

A cute fall tote bag and it’s vegan leather, if that is your thing.

A little humor to end this post.

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Healthy Snacks On the Go

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Snacks were not an essential part of my day up until I moved to college. Now snacks are a quick easy way to get nutrition in throughout the day. Snacks are also an essential part to road trips. Whatever your reason is for eating snacks, it is important to reach for the right things. Instead of chips and candy, choose something that will help give you more long lasting energy. Nobody likes a sugar crash.

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Weekend Links 9/17/16


Friday Favorites just got a new name, thanks to an eventful Friday yesterday. Yesterday was move in day for me at Walla Walla University. This is a weekend full of new people and new experiences, and a surprising amount of rain. Here are a few links around the internet to look at this weekend…

If you are an avid reader looking for new good books, check out Book Mark. I just discovered it today!

I now lack my parents fully stocked kitchen, but if I was home I would give this fall recipe a try. (And modify a few things to make it dairy free)

Moving to college or any big life change tends to bring along some kind of anxiety, here is a tip and two apps that I’ve found helpful so far.

An interesting article about riding your bike, I’m not sure if I am going to be using this much in the flat lands of Walla Walla, but it’s still good advice.

A good blog post if you are a fellow freshman starting college this fall.

A really cute store created buy a Youtuber in Utah.

Have a terrific weekend!

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House Plants


I’ve always been a huge fan of house plants, but my parents have been more skeptical. But this week, thanks to a trip to home depot, they are now the proud parents of two house plants. (I think the NASA study about house plants, helped to convince them.) I was dying to get them a fiddle leaf fig, but they are early on in their house plant journey, so we started out relatively small. My brother and I actually ended up spending a half hour in the house plant section of home depot trying to pick out one plant. (I picked the snake plant within the first couple of minutes.) After much deliberation, we finally settled on a dieffenbachia hybrid, also known as a dumb cane. So if you want to make your trip to the store quick, I would recommend deciding what kind of plants you would like to get ahead of time. Continue reading