House Plants


I’ve always been a huge fan of house plants, but my parents have been more skeptical. But this week, thanks to a trip to home depot, they are now the proud parents of two house plants. (I think the NASA study about house plants, helped to convince them.) I was dying to get them a fiddle leaf fig, but they are early on in their house plant journey, so we started out relatively small. My brother and I actually ended up spending a half hour in the house plant section of home depot trying to pick out one plant. (I picked the snake plant within the first couple of minutes.) After much deliberation, we finally settled on a dieffenbachia hybrid, also known as a dumb cane. So if you want to make your trip to the store quick, I would recommend deciding what kind of plants you would like to get ahead of time.

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Planting and caring for house plants is seems pretty straightforward, but some things to keep in mind: 1. Make sure you buy a pot that gives your new friend room to grow. 2. Buy the right kind of soil for your plant, different varieties require different things, and remember that these plants are living off of whatever is in the pot. So either buy a mix, or look up the ratios online. 3. Place some squares of weed barrier at the bottom of the pot to help keep the soil from spilling out the drainage hole when you move it. 4. If your plant is root bound, make sure to gently loosen the roots. 5. Make sure to place your plant in a part of your home where it will thrive. For example both of the house plants need sunlight. So I placed one on the south side of the house, in the living room, and the other on a desk in the sunniest bedroom. 6. Don’t overwater your plants, that is the reason that most house plants die. 7. Don’t forget to fertilize them every so often, they need to food to grow.


My brother and I are both leaving for college this week, so these two new plants (plus one of my containers of succulents) and our beagle are now under their care. Both my parents seemed a bit concerned about keeping the plants alive, so I made them a little care chart. Caring for house plants is pretty simple, as long as you know what your plant needs. This chart just makes it easy for them to keep track of what each plant needs, and it looks a lot better than the information tags that came with the plants.

Here are some links that I found helpful…

  1. A graphic showing the best air-cleaning plants according to NASA
  2. A lot of helpful information on succulent care
  3. House plant 101

Let me know if you have any house plants and what your favorite varieties are.





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