Weekend Links 10/22/16


This week has been a busy one and at the end of the week I ended up getting sick. So this weekend is all about getting better. I wasn’t going to write a weekend links post, because I am suppose to be resting. But I am so sick that I can’t sleep, but I hope you are having a much better weekend than I am! Here are a few links that I found from around the web…

Deliciously Ella is releasing another book! And her lasted recipe on her blog looks amazing.

A really good tea if you are starting to get sick.

20 places to travel in your 20s and the best places to travel solo.

A cool trick, that I remember my art teacher teaching me in print making class. (My art skills are limited)

The lost are of letter writing.

Is anyone else obsessed with Madam Secretary…because I certainly am. I finished season two today on Netflix, that is what sick days are for right?

A beautiful post, making me wish I was at an apple orchard rather then in bed sick.

Cute, funny, and a reference to Stranger Things.

Pumpkin carving for the science major in all of us, I love the “Scary Currie”

A cute little garland for fall.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Photo credit: http://66.media.tumblr.com/872072ad402df2a184a38021275856a5/tumblr_nsa6v4bOAW1smipnlo1_1280.png


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