Travelogue: Weekend in Bellingham


My first weekend of Christmas break I took a trip to go see my brother in Bellingham. My day started with an early train to Bham from King Street Station. I had to get up pretty early to make sure I got to the train with plenty of time to spare. This was my first time taking an Amtrak train and it went pretty smoothly. But I did end up meeting two girls who had a bit of a rougher morning. The were on their way to Vancouver, BC, so logically we should be on the same train, right? Continue reading


Weekend Links 12/24/16


Happy Holidays! Christmas is in just a couple of days and I’m going to be spending it with my family. We are trying to have a relatively relaxed couple of days filled with lots of food and fun. I hope everyone is able to have a somewhat stress free holiday. Here are a few links from around the internet for your weekend…

Women’s March on Washington, the one I hope to attend, and the post that inspired me.

Some delicious scones for christmas morning.

A book and tv series I’m obsessed with.

Gift wrap ideas, with lots of them being sustainable.

Simple christmas houses.

A collection of zero waste articles.

Tasty but healthy christmas snacks.

An interesting way to look at the year.

Iguana vs Snakes

Something cute for christmas.

Have a fantastic weekend!



Sustainable Stocking Stuffers

The past couple months I have completely fallen in love with the zero waste movement. Although I am not completely zero waste, I have been taking steps to get there. And a big one is changing the way my family does christmas. First up on the list is placing sustainable goods in stockings.

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Weekend Links 12/16/16


This week I finished my first quarter of college! The last two weeks were full of snow and ice and I was pretty happy to come home. 38º degree weather doesn’t seem so bad after 15º temperatures plus a wind chill. This weekend I am heading off to Bellingham to visit my brother.It will be good to visit Bellingham again, and I expect the weekend to be full of fun and adventures. Here are a few links from around the internet…

I love all things tiny house.

A beautiful travelogue.

Some healthy, but delicious recipes for Christmas.

Beautiful photos that make me want to travel.

Tasteful winter decor, my favorite type.

Cute Life Aquatic patch.

I love these gift guides.

A book to read on the train.

Polar bear prison.

Something funny.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!