Travelogue: Weekend in Bellingham


My first weekend of Christmas break I took a trip to go see my brother in Bellingham. My day started with an early train to Bham from King Street Station. I had to get up pretty early to make sure I got to the train with plenty of time to spare. This was my first time taking an Amtrak train and it went pretty smoothly. But I did end up meeting two girls who had a bit of a rougher morning. The were on their way to Vancouver, BC, so logically we should be on the same train, right? But oddly our train was different…and there are only two trains that leave, one going north and one going south. Unfortunately they had booked tickets to the wrong Vancouver, Oops!

My brother picked me up from the train station and we headed to the local co-op to meet his girlfriend for some late breakfast. They ended up have lots of delicious options and plenty of vegan food. We got a few potatoes from the hot bar and some baked goods to go along with our tea. The tea was caffeinated, something I am not use to, but it ended up keeping me wide awake for most of the day, despite getting up early.

Side note about the co-op, they have so many things in bulk… Bellingham is such a good place to be vegan and zero waste.

After chatting over breakfast we wandered around the winter farmers market in downtown. There was lots to look at and we ended up picking up a lot of locally made christmas gifts for our family and friends. Things like handmade vegan chocolate, stickers and cards (from the cute place pictured below), local honey, a handmade kitchen knife, and a little dog treat for our beagle. It felt so good to be able to support all local artisans and find one of a kind gifts for our family. 

This little stall was probably one of my favorite at the market. They had so many cute handmade cards and stickers, I just wanted to buy them all. (My brother ended up getting me a cute polar bear sticker from here for christmas)

Most of the day was spend wandering around town picking up more gifts and eventually we stopped for a laid back lunch at Goat Mountain. The pizza is priced by weight, which is kind of cool. They didn’t have any vegan options, so they made me a vegan pizza with lots of vegetables instead. Most places are pretty good about dealing with food allergies now.

Sometime in the afternoon we ventured out to Fairhaven district to get donuts at Rocket Donuts. I hadn’t had a vegan donuts in over a year and I had forgotten how delicious donuts could be.

After dinner at Soy House, a vietnamese place downtown, we made our way to kombucha town to keep talking and enjoy some local kombucha. Ginger kombucha is definitely my favorite no matter where I go, but this one was super delicious. We wrapped up the night by wrapping our gifts and watching movies.

The next morning my brother and I repeated breakfast at the co-op and then headed home to see our family.

If you’ve been to Bellingham or live there, let me know what your favorite things to do there are.


3 thoughts on “Travelogue: Weekend in Bellingham

  1. mysandiegotravel December 30, 2016 / 7:14 am

    The food looks delicious and it seems like you had a good time while you were over there. What did you eat at Soy House? Do you think can you stop by my blog? It’s about SD Travel.


    • otterlybeautiful December 31, 2016 / 3:38 am

      I got vegetable pho with tofu, it was super good. And sure, I would love to stop by your blog!

      Liked by 1 person

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