Zero Waste Swap: Straws


The easiest way to swap out a plastic straws is to simply just stop using them. But for those of us who like using straws, here are a few options that are waste free. 


The first option are glass straws, these are the first kind that I purchased. They work great and it is easy to see if they are clean or dirty, the only con is that they are breakable. So you need to store them carefully and make sure they don’t get crushed in the sink. Out of all the options I’ve found these are one of my favorites.


These are the first of the two metal straw options that I’ve found. They are wider, which makes them good for thick smoothies and since they don’t have a bend like the one below, they are easier to clean. These straws also make the favorites list.


The 2nd metal straw option I’ve found are these. They are a lot thinner and I like them best for drinking water or juice, since they are a bit difficult to clean.


The last option are bamboo straws, these are a fairly recent discovery and I have to say they are my least favorite.


If you use the straw for something besides water, rinse as soon as possible once you are finished. It definitely makes cleaning them a whole lot easier. I would also recommend getting a straw cleaner. These are especially important if you use them for smoothies, because it helps to get anything stuck to the sides off.

I purchased all of these at my local health food store, but you can easily order them online through companies like Amazon.

Let me know if you use reusable straws and what kind are your favorite.


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