Travelogue: Day in Spokane


This past weekend I took a little trip to visit my cousin. She goes to a private boarding school about 30min outside of Spokane and so I took her out to the city for the day. My day started on Saturday with a 3hr drive north through a whole lots of nothingness! Although the landscape was quite barren, it was pretty in its own way.img_aef3029fe3c5-1

The fun part of the day started with a delicious vegan lunch at Allie’s Vegan Pizza. We joked that this is what happens when two deprived vegan college students go to a vegan restaurant. We may have ordered a little bit more food than the two of us could eat…img_7873f074da43-1

The meal started out with a big green salad because we figured we should be a little bit healthy. Then we shared a mushroom pizza with smoke gouda and french toast. To bring back for dinner we ordered a thai pizza and packed up the leftovers and shared it with her friends back at her school. img_26a63fcda507-1

After lunch we drove downtown and spend an hour talking at Boot’s Bakery and Lounge drinking peppermint tea and catching up on life.


I was sad that I didn’t get there in time to take her to the Women’s March, but it was good to catch up and talk about important things going on in each other’s worlds.


Since she lives at a boarding school, it can be a little hard for her to eat healthy, at least until she gets a car. So we walked down to the Co-op and spent an hour wandering around and filling a cart with healthy delicious food, most of which was bought waste free! I treated her to things like a pomelo, fresh strawberries, and kale. Not a typical high school students favorite foods, but then again she isn’t a typical girl. I was so happy to be able to supply her with lots of healthy food for the next week or so. And I love shopping at co-ops because they have such a great selection of good clean food. I didn’t get much for me, but my favorite was definitely a growler of local kombucha, that is almost gone already!


We also had a fan girl moment in the laundry section when we found Lauren Singer’s zero waste laundry soap!

The day was filled with fun and lots of good food. The adventure was much needed for both of us and it felt good to escape from Walla Walla for a little bit.



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