Favorite Shoes


Over the past couple years I’ve discovered that I don’t need tons of shoes, in fact, I tend to only wear 4 pairs consistently. Recently I added the pair of Birkenstocks pictured above and it was one of my best purchases I made last year. It’s interesting to see that all of my favorite shoes happen to be shoes that will last me a long time. I’ve had the Birkenstock sandals for almost 5 years now, the teva boots for 4 years, the chacos for a year, and the Birkenstock clogs for only about 2 months. Yet I know that with love and care I will be able to keep wearing all these shoes for many more years.


I am one of those people who doesn’t like wearing shoes. It use to drive my mother crazy when I would wear sandals in the middle of December and up until I moved to Walla Walla, it was rare to see me in shoes. Until about December of this year I was wearing socks and chacos (which I lovingly call “sockos”) on the cold days, shoes for my 3 hour labs, and my Birkenstock sandals when I deemed it bearable. But when December hit, the temperatures dropped and it started to snow. I knew that “sockos” weren’t going to cut it anymore, so I pulled out my waxed leather boots from my sophomore year of high school. They worked great and I realized that I needed to start wearing shoes more often, especially in the winter. I remember the first day that it snowed, my roommate woke up and the first words out of her mouth were “Are you going to wear real shoes today?”

That is when the pair of Birkenstock came into play. I actually picked them up while I was in Bellingham a couple of months ago. Since then I’ve been wearing them almost everyday with socks. I think that I have thoroughly surprised my family now that I wear shoes everyday.

I have several other pairs of shoes, like ballet flats, running shoes, booties… but none of them get worn as much as these four pairs of shoes. I am slowly transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle and I imagine that these shoes will remain a staple.

Do you have a set of shoes that are your favorite and you wear over and over?


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