Travelogue: Palm Springs

Moorten Botanical Garden_001 - 1

Spring Break is finally here and I thought this week I would take a moment to look back at the trip I took to Palm Springs last year over spring break.

On our first full day in Palm Springs, we decided to visit Moorten Botanical Gardens. If don’t already know, I have a small obsession with cacti. I’ve lusted over Pinterest boards filled with cacti and wanted to buy every cactus I saw, especially the ones at Ravenna Gardens. So when I looked up the best things to do in Palm Springs, I was excited to see there was a botanical garden filled with cacti.

They’ve divided the garden into sections along the trail, with each section containing a different habitat. Unless you are well informed about cacti and their respective habitats, you probably wouldn’t notice. I certainly didn’t, but it is interesting to learn about it.

Eventually the trail ends and there is a greenhouse and an open grassy area where you can have events, such as weddings. (Um, I would totally want to get married here!) When you walk into the greenhouse, you find yourself surrounded by all kinds of cacti and succulents. It is truly an amazing experience and a great place to take photos. The botanical garden was probably my favorite part of the trip. (Or maybe the hot weather, I can’t decide)

There is a $5 entrance fee, but it is well worth it. And there are also a large variety of cacti and succulents that vary in size and shape that you can purchase. I couldn’t resist, so I bought a small succulent to take home. I checked before I bought it to make sure I could take it home on the plane. Thankfully it survived and is now sitting in my windowsill with its other cacti friends.

After lunch at a local health food store and cafe, we explored the art museum for an hour or two. There are three floors to wander around and plenty of art to look at. It is a great place to spend an afternoon.

Joshua Tree_001 - 3

On Saturday we drove to Joshua Tree National Park. There are two entrances to the national park and it takes around 4 hours to drive all the way across the park. We opted for the north entrance of the park, near the town of Joshua Tree. We knew that we didn’t want to drive across the whole park, because we were planning to get lunch in town. So we drove a little, stopping occasionally to explore and take photos. Eventually we came to a point where we wanted to stop and hike. It was quite hot out and we were running a little low on water, so to be safe, we chose a short 1.1 mile hike.

Joshua Tree_001 - 1

If I could go back, I would definitely want to spend a day or two here, maybe even do a camping trip. It is so beautiful and there were so many amazing trails I wanted to hike.

Joshua Tree_001 - 2

This little guy took awhile to capture. Him and his friend were running around this tree for quite some time as I snapped photos. If you look closely while hiking and exploring you will find lots of little creatures that survive in the desert.

Before we had even booked the flights and the Airbnb, I was looking up all the health food stores and cafes. Thankfully there was a whole foods a few miles away from our house in Palm Desert. For lunches we ate out the various health food cafes around the area. On the first day we ate sammies and smoothies at a cafe only a few minutes from our house. Then after our trip to the botanical garden we ate tempeh tacos and smoothies at Nature’s Health Food and Cafe. It was so good that we recreated the tacos another night for dinner and went back several times over the course of the trip. After our adventuring in Joshua Tree we drove into town and stopped at The Natural Sisters Cafe. Their portions are definitely meant for hikers and climbers coming back after a long day. I had never seen a sammie that large, there were several layers of sprouts that contributed to its size. Overall the Palm Springs area has several options for people looking for healthy allergy friendly food.




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