April Favorites

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I can’t believe it’s May already! Last month was crazy. Between adjusting to my new life in Bellingham and starting my first quarter at Western Washington University, April just seemed to fly by.

First up on my list of favorites, is the ring pictured above. After living here for a couple of weeks, I noticed that a lot of people were wearing layers of lots of really cool rings. So when I stumbled upon this one at the farmers market, I knew I couldn’t leave it behind. 

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Next up comes some stationary/notetaking/bullet journal supplies. I found this trio of fabric washi tape on a late night adventure to Michaels and was instantly intrigued. It made its way into my basket and soon onto my letters and into my bullet journal. I’ve found it adds a cool texture and a different vibe than normal paper washi tape.

My other notable favorite is this mini watercolor set from Windsor and Newton. I’ve had it for a couple of months, but this month I got a lot more use out of it. I love how small it is, yet it still has a variety of colors and it comes with this tiny little brush. I can see myself taking it out on lots adventures around Bellingham this summer and getting in some much needed watercolor practice.

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So this month I also discovered Yerba Mate and the secrets of caffeine. This delicious caffeinated drink has saved me was too many times lately. It definitely has helped keep awake during 8 ams and functional during long labs.

The second favorite, pictured above, comes hand in hand with the mate. When I was at Haagen picking up the tea, there was a conveniently located display of klean kanteen bottles. Now usually I am not the type to impulse buy, but this insulated bottle was 30% off and I knew I would get a lot of use out of it with my new found love for Yerba Mate. I will definitely vouch for its ability to keep things hot, I burnt my mouth the first couple days. So I would highly recommend cooling your drink to a drinkable temp and then transferring it into the thermos.

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Last up comes a couple of my zero waste favorites for the month. When I moved from Walla Walla to Bellingham last month, I unfortunately lost my trusty Hydroflask. It was a sad moment, but I took the chance to try something new. And now I am in love with this stainless steal klean kanteen water bottle. I don’t like cold water, so one of the big issues with a Hydroflask, is that it always kept my water freezing cold. (At least in my humble opinion.) With this water bottle, I don’t have that issue, which I love. To continue my new found love with stainless steel, another favorite are kleen kanteen’s pint cups.

The last notable zero waste favorite are wool dryer balls. As a college student, I am always trying to find ways to save money and these have proven to be a big one. I’ve had them since moving away to college, but this month I was starting to realize how great they actually are. As I sit here, I am starting to realize the boxes of dryer sheets that I would have bought and then thrown away or recycled in the time since I’ve owned these. So not only are they saving me money, but they are also helping me reduce my waste. Two birds, one stone.

Happy May!


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