Banana Bread

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Banana bread, the sweet delicious bread that effectively uses up overripe bananas that nobody wants to eat. I can’t remember a time in my life when banana bread didn’t exist. Even after I found out I had a food allergy, I still found a way to enjoy it.


The recipe that I’ve modified is an old family favorite. My mom has been using this recipe since I can remember and when my dad and I developed food allergies we just modified it to fit our needs. This cookbook is so old and honestly this is the only recipe we use out of it but it makes the best banana bread. I laugh because it falls open to this page every time and you can tell its been well used by all the stains…I think those came from when I was learning to bake. Continue reading




My very first blog post here was a baking recipe. Baking is something that I have always loved to do and I feel like I’ve neglected my love for it since I’ve been away at college. It is definitely hard to bake when I am away at college, I have access to a kitchen but it is not the same as at home. It is usually quite dirty and you have to bring all your own tools, so I have saved baking as something to do at home or until I move out into an apartment. I made this recipe while I was home for christmas and like most things I bake, it was eaten pretty quickly.  Continue reading

Vegan Apple Turnovers


In honor of Pi day, which happened last Monday, I made little pies this week. (more commonly known as turnovers) I’ve never been a fan of pie, between my food allergy and being generally uninterested, I’ve avoided it. I missed out on lots of Pi days and thanksgiving treats, but I’ve always been fine with it. I was prepared to not make pie, until I found out my boyfriend loves pie. So this week, thanks to Pi day for inspiration, I made little pies for him. I will admit, they were quite tasty. So whether you are into pie or not, you should give these turnovers a try, they are definitely worth it. Continue reading